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Diving begins at a pebble beach. Immediately upon entering , at a depth of 7 meters we find remains of a steam boiler lying in the sand . After the boiler, the terrain begins to fall slightly to 13 m depth where the reef begins. On the beginning of the crest is the ” octopus street ” where at the time of mating we can find 10 or more octopus, as they observe us from the safety of their holes. Diving at the depth of 20 m we encounter the peak of a reef which vertically collapses to a depth of 40 meters. The reef is home to many marine animals and organisms, of which the largest flocks of Diplodus ( Two-banded bream ) fish , and at a depth of 40 m in the sand, we can see a sizeable Red Scorpion fish. In the middle of the reef there is a cave from which a lobster curiously investigates us with its antennas. At the end of the ridge the terrain begins to rise slightly, and the depth is reduced to 12 m by which we return to the beach and are accompanied by a float of common Dentex fish. This location is suitable for all divers so the experienced divers as well as beginners which can only dive at small depths will have the same pleasure in diving.

The position is also ideal for breath divers.

A Position which can be reached by boat in 10 minutes and is ideal for beginner divers.

After entering the water at a depth of 4 m we see large rocks with numerous holes and tunnels in which we find crabs and Gilthead seabream ( Gold fish ) hiding from us. In the sand at a depth of 12 m lie flocks of Striped mullet ( Goat fish ) that carelessly dig in search of food. At a depth of 20 m starts a reef on which we can find a diverse society of fish. In the holes we can also find octopus. After 30 minutes of enjoying the terrain begins to grow slightly, we arrive at a depth of 10 m full of seaweed which is occasionally inhabited by sea horses. At the end of the dive, at a depth of 3 m we go through a tunnel that turns water into a wide range of beautiful colors.

This position is also ideal for families with children who will enjoy diving only with a mask and snorkel in examining the terrain from the surface.

Position which can be reached by boat in 15 minutes.

After the anchor is thrown, on a plateau, at a depth of 3 m begin we our diving. Moving slightly to the east, the terrain begins to fall back, and the depth is increased to 20 meters, where we come to the beginning of our cliffs falling vertically to a depth of 40 m. Following reef to our left we can see many holes and cracks in which conger eel reside. This reef is about 300 m long, long enough so we can enjoy exploring and photographing large gorgonian corals, some of which are large, up to 1 m. Returning to a depth of 25 m, we find a wide canyon which leads us to a depth of 12 m where, after leaving the canyon, we are surrounded by small purple corals. We ascend along the reef to our boat.

This position is suitable for all diving qualifications, as well as for breath divers and children.

A Position which can be reached by boat, about 30 minutes away from our diving centre.

Lina (Nueva Estramadura) the most famous wreck in the Kvarner Bay, was built in a shipyard in Newcastle England in 1879. The length of the ship is 70 m, it’s 9 meters wide and 5 meters high and it was built from steel. It was powered by a classic steam cauldron which is still visible in the ship.

On the night of 14/01/1914 it sailed the route of Cardif – Rijeka when in the midst of a great storm and fog ship lost orientation and crashed into rocks near cape Pecanj. The crew tried to anchor the boat but it soon sank.

The ship lies in the bay about 50 meters from the shore at a depth of 28 m, where the bow begins.

After dives descending by rope, we find two large flagship anchor on the bow protruding outside the boat. The entire length of the ship is open so it is easy to get into the ships bunkers where the reserve propeller lies. In the middle of the wreck is the captain’s cabin, as well as the area with the cauldron above which lies the ship’s chimney on which a large letter G is engraved, which is the trademark of the ship owning company.

After the captain’s cabin we reach the limit of 40 m, which is the maximum depth allowed for sport divers!

Another ship bunker follows, and at a depth of 51 m we find the rudder spot where fragments of the rudder are still visible. At the end, diving under the stern of the ship at a depth of 52 m we reach the propeller that is hidden in the sand. Returning slowly, we can notice the mast which is enveloped by the fishing net and many small fishes which swim away in front of our eyes. At the end of the dive, at a depth of only 3 m lies an underwater cave which is full of flora and fauna.

This position is ideal for all categories due to its depth.

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